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The Kuwaiti market witnessed a significant increase in the number of successful and wonderful mobile applications due to the growth of the number of electronic applications in the Kuwaiti market especially during the year 2018. Here are the best four applications in Kuwait able to prove their presence within a short period:

  • application of Rehlat :

Founder: Badr Al Bader.

The tourism sector contributed 1.5 percent of Kuwait’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2016, according to a report by the World Travel and Tourism Council of Kuwait. This prompted Badr, after earning a master’s degree from Yale University, to set up a platform of Rehlat with his father and brothers, Which allows users to book airline tickets and hotels at convenient prices and easy to use.

  • application of Albumii :

Founders: Mohamed Amira, Abdel Aziz Al Bahar and Ahmed Bin Sultan.

Social networks such as Faceook and Intragram have many beautiful images and user memories. At the beginning of 2016, Mohamed Amira, Al Bahr and Sultan launched a mobile application called Albumii to convert the images on these networks into albums and print them. The album is available as an electronic site and application compatible with Android mobile devices and iPhone.

  • application of Ghaseel :

Founders: Saleh al-Musallam and Omar al-Othman.

The number of cars in the streets of Kuwait exceeded one million and 925 thousand cars, according to the statistics of the General Directorate of Traffic. With this large number of cars, the demand for car washing and cleaning services is increasing. This is what prompted Al-Musallam and Al-Othman to launch the Ghaseel application, which made it easy to ask a company to wash and clean cars to the door of the house. All you have to do is choose where and when it suits you, from several companies providing cleaning and washing services and sometimes maintenance.

  • application of Abi Taxi :

Founder: Adel Mohamed.

In late 2015, Mohammed launched the Abi Taxi Application for Taxi Services. Mohammed saw that most of the mobile applications for transportation currently focused on the participatory transport sector or mobile cars, so he decided to provide an application that allows the user to request a taxi from among the taxi companies on demand. This model is similar to what other regional companies like Karim and Ober do.

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