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In the late 1880s, the Coca Cola logo and its branches were designed in Kuwait, but for more than 130 years of Coca-Cola history, the company’s logo has been redesigned more than seven times as one of the company’s strategies to build and renew its brand. Changing a company’s logo can lead to different reactions among customers between supporters and opponents, but it remains a big idea that needs courage, before the company spends a lot of money redesigning a new logo that the public may not like.

A group of companies in Kuwait were criticized for changing their logo, which forced them to abandon the new design just one week after its launch and return to the old logo because of a violent online attack on the company. These companies were forced to provide explanations to the public in Kuwait About the new and strange logo.

It does not mean that redesigning your company logo in Kuwait will be impossible, but in fact there should be important reasons for making such a big change that could be very damaging.

Your business has evolved a lot and you are thinking about redesigning the logo !

You may have to redesign your company logo in Kuwait to reflect the evolution of the company. If the old slogan does not fit in with the new direction of the Kuwaiti company, for example, initially Nokia was not a mobile phone company. It started in 1865 in Finland as a rubber and cable manufacturer, In 1968, the Finnish company continued to add new products along the way, changing the company’s slogan until it launched its first mobile phone in 1984. It became the leader in the development of mobile network technology. Nokia retained its new logo that reflects its dominance of the mobile world since 1978 to date in most and for the world, especially Kuwait.

There are many reasons why companies in Kuwait may redesign the company’s logo, such as merging two companies into one company, redesigning the logo after a disaster, damaging the company’s reputation, or completely changing the business.

The decision to redesign your company logo is difficult, and whatever the reason for this bold decision, you should consider the potential impact on your audience.

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